How to Help a Friend – Suicide Call

How to Help a Friend or Loved Onesuicide-falling-off-a-clif

Has someone reached out to you about them ending their life?

Did they share that they are struggling to find any hope?

They might have even expressed that they are afraid to be alone right now.

It can feel overwhelming to try and figure out how to help, but remember that you are not alone either.

There are some online resources that you can walk through together that can help:

· Here 24/7 that will take your call, or theirs, and journey with you.
· Creating a Safety Plan – by Shawna Percy (as seen on Ted Talk below)

· The What’s Up? App helps you walk through a safety plan – in that moment

(also A catastrophe scale. Put your situation into a better perspective when things are too much) – below.

Remember that their choices aren’t up to you.

What you can do is listen, and help connect them to the resources that are available to help.

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