Submission Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in writing articles for Searching for Hope Websites!


We welcome anyone to submit original articles for consideration.  We do have some guidelines, so please read this page carefully.




Goal: To reach people having thoughts of suicide with helpful resources by ranking highest in the search results for phrases like “how to kill yourself”, “killing yourself”, “how do I kill myself”, “painless ways to kill yourself”, “how do I commit suicide”…


How do we achieve this goal? Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is key to getting the site to the top of the search engine results and the main reason for maintaining a blog. The more relevant content we have for people to read and interact with, the higher the site will rank and achieve its goal!


Point of Submission: Email


Subject Line: Please include the website acronym (HTKY), your article’s title and your first name and last initial in the following format: HTKY – How to Talk About Suicide – Beth R.


Accepted Formats: Google Docs, Microsoft Word


Article Length: 300-500 words


Content Context: We are looking for hopeful, helpful articles written from a Christian perspective on topics related to suicide, prevention, mental health, coping, and grief, as well as personal stories that you would like to share.  We want to encourage healthy conversation around these often difficult topics.


Audience: Content is aimed at people interested in learning more about suicide prevention and conversation, and people who have had thoughts of suicide.  Faith is a welcome and important component to articles, but please keep in mind that not all readers will be from a Christian background, so language should be understandable to a wider audience, without compromising principles key to the Christian faith.


Keywords: Articles should be written around keywords (i.e. suicide, depressed, lonely etc) or key phrases (i.e. how to kill yourself, painless ways to kill yourself, how do I kill myself quickly, how can I kill myself, commit suicide) as this helps with SEO.  Keep in mind current news and media items surrounding these topics as well (i.e. 13 Reasons Why or Anthony Bourdain).


Language: Please check out our post to learn more about the current language appropriate for talking about suicide:


Additional Resources: This is a great, concise article on writing content for the web:


PS – Always reference/credit any outside content and image sources that you use; and provide us with the links so we can properly cite them on the blog.


Please note: Each article will be reviewed and edited as needed; any substantial changes will be returned to you for your review and approval.  We greatly appreciate each article, and the work that went into it, however, we cannot promise to publish each one.


You can always email us at with any questions, we’d be happy to chat with you!