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The connection between inactivity & mental health. Child who doesn't sleep. The Drs wanted to sedate him as an infant because they hadn't discovered another option - but the parents found another option that worked....

We want to escape the loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. We have been told countless times that if we don't socially distance, stay away from friends, go straight home after school, don't stay and talk to people, don't go to busy public places, don't hang out with friends and stop doing the things that make us kids, that make us...

It’s been more than a year of ever-changing Covid restrictions. I don’t know how you’re feeling right now, but I know that I’m feeling tired. Drained. Isolated. These feelings are okay to have. Whatever it is you’re feeling right now, it’s okay to feel that way. And it’s okay to get help. It’s okay to admit that you need help....

Remember that it’s okay to feel sad, or angry, or both! This is a really hard time for many of us....