Alone Loneliness
alone, loneliness


When you feel so alone that you can’t even imagine anyone ever being close to you or connecting with you, it can feel like you are on a raft in the middle of an empty ocean. That raft can feel like it is just drifting in the waves getting beaten down by the unrelenting sun of stress and anxiety. All you can see from your raft is water and more water.

Though it is hard to see them from beyond the horizon, there are people searching for you.

The ocean is a big place and the searchers just need some indication of how to find you. It might feel like you have been putting up signals for a long time now but try one more time. There are people who truly want to help bring you back to shore.. Pastors or counselors are wanting to help and want to find you, give them one more chance.

We’ve also got a list of links below with some lifelines if you’d like to check them out: